FL Business Interruption

Florida Business Interruption

In light of current events, many business owners who maintain business interruption insurance want to know if they can recoup loss of business income due to the coronavirus. 

The answer is a lawyer answer: it depends. Unlike residential homeowner policies, commercial policies come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and heavily depend on their own language. 

That said, here are the steps I recommend a business owner to maximize potential recovery due to a business interruption–be it the coronavirus or another event: 

  1. Consult with an attorney who specializes in insurance coverage, such as business interpretation law, and have the attorney review your commercial policy, for coverage; 
  2. Document and retain all communications, including a phone log every time you speak to your insurance company; 
  3. Retain all financial and personnel records during the interruption in business (preferably in PDF format for easy access); and 
  4. Have your attorney review your claim prior to filing it with your carrier

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Should your insurance company deny your claim, do not be discouraged. This is when the lawyer’s work begins in earnest. Consult with your attorney again to determine if your claim was wrongfully denied and if filing a lawsuit is the proper course of action. It is important that the attorney who handles your business interruption claim have extensive experience litigating cases involving insurance coverage disputes against carriers. Insurance companies keep detailed records on which firms are willing to try cases up to and including trial. 

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Mr. Craig Rolle is a knowledgeable, trustworthy and a true honest attorney who guided us through the process of a very difficult time in our life. He helped us getting through our terrible process with dignity and respect. He provided excellent service demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all the details of our case. He was always easy to get in touch with answering our calls and emails. Mr. Craig Rolle went above and beyond our expectations. We can never thank him enough for helping us in every way he could to help us solve our case. We highly recommend him and anyone will be very lucky to have him as their attorney.


- Mohamed, Avvo Review

I worked with Craig to handle a dispute with my home insurance claim, and I could not be happier that I did so. Craig is very professional and kind. When speaking to him, you can tell that he truly cares for his clients. He was always very easy to contact, prompt with his responses, and offered plenty great advice, even after our work was done. I had a positive outcome with the lawsuit that I had to file against my home insurance company, and I don't know if it would have turned out that way without the Craig's help and expertise. He's a great guy and a great lawyer. I couldn't have asked for more. I would recommend Craig to anyone who had a similar issue to mine without any hesitation.


- Graham, Avvo Review

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Craig Rolle is a calm and straight forward thinker and advisor. He looked at the facts of my civil case and measured them against the tenets of the law and realities of civil court system to give me sound advice on the best course of action. In my case, he accomplished this on a consult. However, I will be working with Craig and PZ Law to settle a related claim on my house. I am looking forward to a long professional relationship with Craig and his firm.


- Bill, Avvo Review

Craig has been an amazing help through my case , he is understanding and is clear with explaining things to me and breaking things down to me, he has truly been a blessing and continues to always put my mind at ease. He is always available when I need him if I have any questions.

- Selena, Avvo Review