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Believe it or not, hail does occasionally stop off in Orlando and can result in a lot of property damage. Although most policyholders depend on their insurance coverage to protect them from storm damage, hail damage insurance claims are often difficult to resolve appropriately. Unfortunately, way too many policyholders end up settling for much less than the true value of their losses. Potential issues with the insurance company include:

  • Only paying for surface damage without addressing the deeper damage that could snowball into big problems over time.
  • Unnecessary delays in resolving a hail insurance claim
  • Denying that hail was the source of the damage
  • Passing over damage to windows, HVAC systems, sidings, and other non-roof-related damage.
  • Coverage surprises and disputes over policy language
  • Underpayments due to rushed or inaccurate estimates

Florida Hail Damage Claim Types

Hail is a kind of solid precipitation that comes in ice pellets. Hailstones are harmless to animals, people, and structures most of the time, but larger hailstones can shatter glass and dent metal. After your home is hit by a hail storm, check for the following kinds of damage when considering if you should file a claim:

  • Window and siding damage– Hail is often blown in by strong wind. Check your siding and windows for cracks, pelting marks, or other signs of damage. 
  • Roof damage– Damage to roofing shingles is the most common kind of hail damage to homes. It can be difficult to pinpoint cracks, so you should hire a professional to assess the damage.
  • Skylight damage– If your home boasts any skylights, make sure to examine for nicks or cracks, as a minor chip can lead to a serious safety hazard. 

Hailstorms can pass over an entire neighborhood in mere minutes, causing serious damage and scattering ice hunks over houses. If you think your home has sustained hail damage, expert insurance claim attorney Craig Rolle can help you file a claim to get the compensation you deserve.

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Filing A Florida Hail Damage Claim

You should contact your insurance agent the minute you discover that your home has suffered hail damage. It’s essential to avoid signing or agreeing to anything until you have the full facts of your case. While you aren’t legally stipulated to hire a lawyer if you wish to file an insurance claim, having an expert insurance attorney on your side can help you protect your rights and significantly increase your likelihood of receiving a favorable settlement.
Before you settle for less than the value of your claim, there are still legal options. After accepting a settlement, it is nearly impossible to negotiate further or reopen the claim. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly by your insurer regarding your hail damage claim, there are legal steps you can take.

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Mr. Craig Rolle is a knowledgeable, trustworthy and a true honest attorney who guided us through the process of a very difficult time in our life. He helped us getting through our terrible process with dignity and respect. He provided excellent service demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all the details of our case. He was always easy to get in touch with answering our calls and emails. Mr. Craig Rolle went above and beyond our expectations. We can never thank him enough for helping us in every way he could to help us solve our case. We highly recommend him and anyone will be very lucky to have him as their attorney.


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I worked with Craig to handle a dispute with my home insurance claim, and I could not be happier that I did so. Craig is very professional and kind. When speaking to him, you can tell that he truly cares for his clients. He was always very easy to contact, prompt with his responses, and offered plenty great advice, even after our work was done. I had a positive outcome with the lawsuit that I had to file against my home insurance company, and I don't know if it would have turned out that way without the Craig's help and expertise. He's a great guy and a great lawyer. I couldn't have asked for more. I would recommend Craig to anyone who had a similar issue to mine without any hesitation.


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Craig has been an amazing help through my case , he is understanding and is clear with explaining things to me and breaking things down to me, he has truly been a blessing and continues to always put my mind at ease. He is always available when I need him if I have any questions.

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