Hurricane Season Homeowner’s Coverage

by Jun 3, 2022Property Damage

Florida is known for its hurricanes and tropical storms, so many homeowners in Florida may be wondering: Does their homeowner’s insurance cover hurricane damage? If your home has been damaged in a hurricane, you may be asking this question. Most of the time, homeowners’ insurance in South Florida will probably cover damage to your property resulting from rain and wind from a hurricane. However, there are many variables at play; depending on which insurer you have and the individual circumstances of your potential claim, you may end up having to get a special rider on your homeowners’ insurance policy or to pay a deductible if a hurricane damages your home. Since South Florida is a high-risk hurricane area, you can expect to pay a deductible for hurricane-related damage. 

Although the majority of Florida homeowners’ insurance policies cover hurricane damage, you need to know that homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover any damage that is caused by floods and storm surges the hurricane incites. You must purchase separate flood insurance to cover that damage.

Deductibles For Hurricane Damage

A deductible generally refers to a specific amount of money that the homeowner is required to pay upfront for damage before the insurer will pay out for the damage. Hurricane deductibles work the same way; when you file a claim for hurricane wind or rain damage or your insurer determines that the damage is due to hurricane winds and/or rain, you need to pay out a hurricane deductible on top of your normal insurance premiums in order to get any coverage for the property damage itself. Hurricane deductibles are distinct from traditional deductibles in that they are typically calculated as a percentage of the total coverage you have on your home rather than a fixed amount. If your home is covered up to $600,000, for example, and you have a one percent hurricane deductible, you will have to pay out $6,000 in the deductible before your insurer will cover the rest of the damages.

Does Florida Mandate Hurricane Deductibles?

Like in many coastal states, Florida insurers usually mandate a hurricane deductible. This means that insurers will generally declare a mandatory hurricane deductible when the National Weather Service says a storm is coming. What your hurricane deductible rate ends up being is generally negotiable with your insurer. For example, you may have to pay a higher rate for your homeowners’ insurance if you want a lower deductible. Certain insurance companies may even let you totally get rid of the hurricane deductible and lower your overall homeowners’ insurance cost, but also eliminate any coverage for damage from hurricane-induced wind and rain.

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