Roof Damage? Your Insurance Company May Owe You An Entirely New Roof!

by Oct 3, 2021Article, Property Damage

The most common kind of hurricane insurance claim after a windstorm, hurricane, or hail event is roof damage. Wind from tropical storms and hurricanes can result in substantial roof damage, whether it’s only a couple loose shingles or the complete annihilation of your entire roof structure. Any opening in your roof can cause water to come into your home and wreck your belongings. Hail can also result in severe damage and substantially shorten the functional life of your roof. Read on to learn more about what you should do when your roof is damaged by a hurricane and how you may be entitled to a new roof from your insurance company. 

What Should You Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof?

After a roof damage loss, it is essential to repair or replace your roof as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more time you give water leakage to cause additional damage. However, if the roof is not completely repaired and you try to patch the problem up quickly without resolving the root issues, there may be even greater problems that come up down the road. Insurance companies and insurance policyholders often clash on whether they should repair or replace a damaged roof. During such a debate, there are many terms that you may hear thrown around, such as the brittle shingle test, the “25% Rule,” shingle bruisin, and asphalt granular shingle loss. It’s important to understand these terms to grasp if you should get a new roof or not.

Roof Damage Insurance Terms To Know

Here are some terms your insurance company may use that you should understand when determining if you should get a new roof or not:

  • The 25% roof replacement rule of the Florida building code- The 25% Rule comes out of Section 708.1.1 of the Florida Building Code. Essentially, if more than 25% of your roof is damaged, then your entire roof must be replaced. If less than 25% of your roof is damaged, it can be repaired. That 25% can be measured by any given section of the roof in question, and there is a 12 month time frame over which the “25%” is calculated. 
  • The Brittle Shingle Test- This is a scientific testing method where you try to fold or bend the shingle in a 90 degree angle. If the shingle breaks, then the shingles are too brittle and the roof should probably be replaced.
  • Shingle Granular Loss- Asphalt shingle granular loss averages around 3% per year, but damage from wind or bruising by hail can accelerate the rate by 15%-40%, which may be covered under your insurance policy. 
  • Shingle bruising- Shingle bruising typically results from hail damage. When an asphalt shingle gets struck by hail, there can be a localized loss of granules, typically circular in shape. Bruised shingles need to be replaced since damaged shingles cannot keep the elements out of the house. 

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